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We are a multidisciplinary production house specialising in creating content that matters to you, be it Photo, Video or Digital. Our fondness and delivery of messages and stories through our work has made a difference for many brands.


Over the past few years, the art of expression and message delivery has switched modes from verbal to visual. We have gathered experience of providing professional photography and video production services over 5 years now and have mastered the art of communicating your stories through our work.


Whenever you see a work of art, you might not always be able to sense the efforts and value benchmarks behind it.


We at Kalkie, make sure to deliver only the highest quality content which will actually matter to you. With passion and professionalism, we ensure our client’s satisfaction by striving to our best, making useful and quality content our utmost priority.

We only use high end equipment to capture in the highest resolution format. We only use the best and apt lighting because we know how big a difference it makes in the final product.

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